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Stats: 6’1”  193 lbs
Location: Toronto, ON Canada




Film  full list on request

Jack In A Box                            Chris (Adult), Robert DeLeskie, Director

Traveling Alone                         Lead/Attacker LUFT Films, Bradley Luft, Director
Twin For Two                             Lead/Harrison Mattress Productions, Jacqueline Adiwinata, Director
Death. Or Something Like It     Lead/Frank Rooftop Productions, Laura Noxon, Director
Pendragon                                 Lead/Bowman Curtis Lobb, Director
The New Seven Deadly Sins    Lead/David  Jeff Campesi, Director
The Transistor                           Lead/Radio Miranda Morrison, Director
Wilderness                                 Supporting/Bill Foad Agouran, Producer, Penny Eizena Writer/Producer, Dawn Wilkinson, Director
Miles to Go Before I Sleep        Supporting/Carl Director Viki Posidis
Three Sheets to the Wind         Supporting/Charlie Ashley Drysdale, Director
The Diner                                   Supporting/Arty Craig Deacon, Director
The Transistor                           Featured/Dad Miranda Morrison, Director
Dianne                                        Featured/Best Man Accord Films, Ron Repke, Director
Close-Up                                    Featured No Gasoline Productions, Adam Ciolfi Director

Theater  full list on request

A Christmas Carol / 2024           One-man show/Everybody/All Roles, Christmas Present Productions, Cindi Armer Almieda, Director

Forever Plaid                              Lead/Smudge/Frankie Follows Latimer Prods., Stuart Ross/Director, Brian Hill/Associate Director
A Christmas Carol, Musical        Actor/Various Roles  Manitoba Theatre Center, Stephen Schipper, Director/Artistic Director
A Christmas Carol, Musical        Ensemble/Various Roles The Grand Theatre, Miles Potter/Director, Martha Henry/Artistic Director
CHESS                                       Lead/Anatoly  London Musical Theatre, James Patterson/Director, Jeff Holbrough/Musical Director
Toronto Mississippi                     Lead/Bill  Port Stanley Festival Theatre, Pat Spadini, Director/Artistic Director
Up The Creek                             Lead/Daniel Port Stanley Festival Theatre, Pat Spadini, Director/Artistic Director
Michael Riddler Project              Lead/David Walker Theatre Centre East /Best Boys Productions, Jeffrey Round/Writer-Producer-Director
Zebra                                          Lead/Lead/Kenneth Zeller  Poor Alex /Best Boys Productions, Jeffrey Round/Writer-Producer-Director
The Store Front                          Lead/Mr. O’Gorman Follows Latimer Productions/Stage Kids w. Linda Barnett, Musical Director
Step Up                                      Lead/Teacher  Stage Kids, Linda Barnett/Co‐Producer-Musical Director
CHESS                                       Ensemble/Gregor  Applause Applause Productions, Derek Waite, Producer/Artistic Director

2010 - present

Television  full list on request

Umbrella Academy (S2; E:4,5,9)                        Recurring Actor MJ12#1  Netflix/Dark Horse Entertainment/Universal Cable Productions

The Birds & The Bees (pilot)                               Recurring Principa  lH.R. Productions, Jesse Storey

Nothing Personal/Minnesota Voodoo (S2:E6)    Principal  Cineflix/Discovery Network

The Marriage Counsellor                                    Principal  Lifetime Television

The Jon Dore Show                                            Principal  Comedy Network, Insight Productions

Mayday/Air Disasters                                          Principal  CTV / Alliance Atlantis

The Marriage Counselor                                     Principal  Lifetime Television

Due South                                                           Actor  CBC/White Pine Pictures

Cracked S1:E108                                               Actor  CBC/White Pine Pictures, Anne

Street LegalActorCBC

2010 - present

Commercials  full list on request

Full list by request.

Training & Workshops  full list on request

Drills - Level 1 (June 2020), Daniel Baumander, LB Acting Studio

New Students Class (May 2020), Daniel Baumander, LB Acting Studio

Second City - Toronto (Level E)

Australlan Institute for Performing Arts - Los Angeles


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